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At 17 Degrees,
We Value Transparency

At 17 degrees, we value transparency and predominantly work on a fixed fee model.

Clients simply hate the “billable hour”.  It confuses costs with lawyers and upsets the budgets for certain projects or matters. 17 degrees uses up to date technology to accurately estimate the time involved in certain projects. We can easily fix our costs to suit your budget and provide certainty in your legal spend. This eliminates unbudgeted hourly rates and back-and-forth negotiations with our clients on costs. Costs are agreed before we undertake a job or project.

Our Services

Our Services

Secure your brand identity and Intellectual Property rights
Trade mark monitoring
Brand selection and trade mark searching
Trade Secrets
Litigation and dispute resolution
Exclusive brand ambassador, influencer and agent management
Global trade mark portfolio management
Contract negotiation and licensing
Intellectual Asset and Property Management


Benefits to Trade Mark Registration

  1. You are deemed the absolute owner of the trade mark.
  2. Creates a distinctive and registrable brand for your business.
  3. Registration can stop others from using or registering an identical or similar trade mark.
  4. Enables you to license the brand to others for a royalty or fee.
  5. Sell the trade mark like normal property.
  6. Assign the trade mark to another company.
  7. Registration deters others from using a similar or identical trade mark.
  8. Trade Mark Registration creates an asset for your business.
  9. Supports the goodwill in the business.

17 degrees

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