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Samantha Ludemann - Associate
Samantha Ludemann Associate

Phone: 0402 394 306
LinkedIn: Samantha Ludemann


About Samantha

Samantha earned her Bachelor of Laws from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, and pursued further legal education at the Institute of Professional Legal Studies in Christchurch. Previously serving as a Senior Trade Mark Examiner at the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand under the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Samantha meticulously examined national and international trade mark applications, ensuring compliance with legal standards. Previously, Samantha worked as a Clerk at John Holdaway Barrister, where she assisted with legal aid client management and document drafting. As an associate at XVII Degrees, Samantha provides counsel on various aspects of Intellectual Property law. This includes devising brand protection strategies, conducting availability searches, handling opposition proceedings and removal actions, as well as filing and prosecuting trade mark applications, and preparing evidence of use. Samantha has vast expertise in overseeing extensive international trade mark portfolios and is well-versed in intellectual procedures across numerous countries globally.